Forbidden (House of Sin #1) by Elisabeth Naughton\Review

Forbidden (House of Sin #1)
 by Elisabeth Naughton
Published April 24th 2018

He is temptation. Forbidden fruit. A craving she couldn’t resist.

When Natalie James leaves her small town for Manhattan, she hopes to find answers to her best friend’s death. Instead, she finds him. 

Luciano Salvatici.

Dark and commanding, Luc radiates power and heat, yet protects sinister secrets. Natalie knows she needs to keep her distance, but despite the danger, she can’t help falling prey to his seductive looks, to his forceful touch. Can’t stop aching for one sinful taste of his wicked lips.

Their desire is wild. Intoxicating. Dangerous. But before she can surrender to the fire smoldering between them, Natalie must discover what Luc’s hiding behind the forbidden doors of the House of Sin...
The cover of this book is what draw me into reading it and I have to say the journey was really interesting.This book had mystery,secrets and passion,everything that i liked.

Natalie James best friend has recently died from drug overdose,but Natalie doesn't believe in that story.Her friend was not the kind of person who would surrender herself to drugs.Eager to find out what happened to her friend she applies for a internship at Covet,a fashion magazine.She thinks that she will find answers there.

Luc Salvaciti is CEO of Covet.He is one very interesting character.He knows what happened to Natalie's friend and he knows what Natalie is trying to do.So he will do anything to protect her from the same thing that happened to her friend.

These two characters were very interesting.Natalie is strong and independent young women and Luc is dark and dominant.They had passion and chemistry and the tension and angst were there too.But at some point while reading this book i felt like the original plot was lost.Like Natalie has put all of her attention on Luc and forgot why she was there.That mystery from the beginning was lost to me.And then the ending left me completely in shock.I didn't see that coming.

I hope that the second book has all the answers that i need and I'm definitely eager to read more and find out what happened to Natalie's friend. 


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