Ride With Me by Ashley Hastings|Review

Ride With Me
 by Ashley Hastings

A bad boy cop and a straight-laced student are about to go on the ride of their lives.

He’s the law, but she’s the one making the rules.

Graduate student Lucy wants order and predictability in her life. She always has a list to consult and a plan to execute.

Police officer Grayson wants to chase skirts and live free. He isn’t interested in being tied to one woman.

Until he meets her. 

Lucy is assigned to do ride alongs with Grayson as part of her thesis project, and all Grayson wants to do is handcuff her to his bed for a life sentence. Lucy isn’t so sure that Grayson fits her life plan.

Can Lucy resist Grayson’s arresting personality, or will Grayson be able to plead his case and make her his? 

Dirty talk and an HEA.

This was cute and easy book.

Lucy and Grayson meet by accident when her perfect date goes completely wrong.The attraction is immediate but Lucy is reluctant to dwell upon it.Dating a cop is just no-zone for her.I have to admit that i didn't like Lucy.The way she did somethings just didn't work for me.This book is told only from her's POV and honestly I couldn't fell her love for Grayson,I wish we saw some things from his POV.
Grayson is hot cop who does't do relationships, but Lucy is different.He is nice guy ,sweet and even romantic.I liked him.

Overall this was ok read,I was laughing at some parts and the book did kept my interest,but I just didn't like Lucy.


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