Picture Perfect Lie by Marquita Valentine|Review

Picture Perfect Lie
Marquita Valentine

The 1st book in my new and super sexy Kings of Castle Beach series about siblings on the NC coastal town of Castle Beach.

All Campbell Faircloth wanted was a safe place to call home.
All Knight King wanted was to leave his hometown behind.

I never expected to end up in Castle Beach, surrounded by a family who believes that I’m not only their brother’s wife, but the mother of his infant daughter.

I can’t tell them the truth—Knight and I met only three days earlier, during a layover in Atlanta.

He was headed out to fight in a war that hardly anyone talked about anymore, and I was headed back home to a family who pretended that I didn’t exist.

He helped me with my baby.

He kept us safe while we slept.

We shared lunch and dinner… and I spilled all my secrets to him.

Then he gave me an address, along with an offer I couldn’t refuse.
Six months later he’s back to bury his brother, and my lie is about to be exposed.

Only Knight doesn’t say a word.

He goes along with the charade, and each day we spend together, pretending to be husband and wife, it’s getting harder and harder not to believe in our lie.

Could our picture perfect lie turn into a picture perfect forever?

This book was really sweet and romantic read.

Campbell and Knight meet by accident at the airport when their flight is delayed because of storm.
Knight is a soldier going on his next mission when he spots young,attractive women trying to calm down her young baby.Strong urge to help her takes over him and that's how they meet.

Knight is a good men,I liked him.He is a soldier,hones and kind.It's been a long time since he last saw his family,he misses them but some thing from past just won't let him get back.

Campbell has had a hard time in her life.She is new single mom,out of money and not in so good relationship with her parents.When they reject her once more she decides to accept Knights help.

All Knight wants is to help Campbell with her new daughter and to keep her safe,and all she wants is to settle down and start a new life.So she accepts his offer and goes to his family town where she can finally see her future.

This book was really lovely read.It was full of emotions and the characters were very good.But i felt like the book was fast paced.In my opinion there was not enough time for these two characters to really meet and bond,and i felt like the ending was a bit rushed.I definitely wished that we saw more of Knight and Campbell together as a couple.
But overall this was really nice and refreshing read.


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