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Siena Calabrese is no longer the prized daughter of la famiglia. Her transgressions against her brothers and family have stained more than just her reputation. Her best chance at keeping breath in her lungs would be to sit down and shut up like she was taught to do. She definitely shouldn't be feeding information to her family's enemies. And yet, she is still willing to risk it all for a chance at forever with Johnathan Marcello. After everything, how could she not?
The disgraced one …
Johnathan Marcello’s life and secrets have now been put on display for everyone to see. There's no hiding the things he's tried to keep hidden, but maybe that's the best thing that could have happened. Now he's about to walk straight into a war between rival mafia families, and he's got choices to make. His love is on one side, he's on the other, and everybody is playing for keeps. He'll play the game just as dirty as anyone else to get what he wants, even to the detriment of himself. For her, how could he not?
The shamed one …
It's time that the forgotten king takes back his throne. It's already been too long since it was taken from him.
But when has anything in this life been easy?


Loved this book.It was amazing,beautiful and so emotional.

The war is raging on between Marcello and Calabrese family and John and Siena are fighting for their future.
I liked how Siena did everything she could to help Marcello family win this war,she disobeyed her brothers and fought really hard to be with John.She is so smart,strong and supportive person.And her little partnership with Andino was really amazing.
I'm really glad to see how John grow as person in this book.I'm glad that he chose his stability and decided to work on himself.
The romance between John and Siena was so damn good.They are perfect for each other.
The relationship between John and Andino is the definition of cousins love.They are best,and we got some really nice peek at Andino's story,i want to read about him more than ever.

This book was great end to John and Siena story and if you liked Loyalty you are going to love Disgrace.


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