Steel by J.L. Lora|Review

Steel (Trinity #3)

 J.L. Lora


This book was explosive.The chemistry between Mel and Leo is so hot and mind-blowing.Literaly.

This is the third and last book in The Trinity series.And i have to say,waiting for this book to release was torture,but so worth it.

Mel and Leo were amazing.This book picks up right after Gia and Noah's wedding,and i have to say,it's full of action,drama,angst and hot steamy scenes.
I have to admit that i had a hard time warming up to Mel's character.I can't really say why but i just didn't liked her at the beginning.She give Leo a real heartache.I understand why she was reluctant to give in to her feelings for him,but how long can one person deny herself the things that she wants?And then things changed and Mel found herself in the same position as Leo.The two of them really annoyed me until like 50% of this book.But it was worth it,because when they finally happen they were stunning.The feelings between them were so strong and so real,i was honestly blown of with the chemistry this two had.

This book was really worth the wait and the ending was absolutely stunning and amazing.I enjoyed this book so much.Again,for me the best thing about The Trinity series is the friendship this people have.The love between them is so visible and so real.Mrs.Lora created one really amazing world full of twists and turns.

I absolutely highly recommend this series to everyone,it is amazing and really enjoyable read.


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