Boss by J.L. Lora|Review


by J.L. Lora

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I had a hard time getting into this story.At first i felt like I was thrown in the middle of the book instead at the beginning.It took me a bit of time to release what was happening.

What I liked the most is that this book is dealing with cartels and it's not typical mafia ramance.And The Trinity were one really amazing cartel.

My favorite part of this book is the revenge part.I always liked revenge stories,they are packed with action,angst and very hot and steamy romance.This book had all of those thing,especially action.

The romance between Alec and Carissa was all consuming.They were all over each other since the moment they met,and I liked how that love made them do stupid,reckless things.There were few time when they made choices that made me angry with them.

The ending left me surprised a little bit.I suspected who the traitor was but I did not expected the things that happen at the end.

Overall this book was really nice.It had good storyline and nice heroes.You should definitely read it.


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