Baby Maker by P. Dangelico|Review

Baby Maker
 P. Dangelico


Stella Donovan’s biological clock is a ticking time bomb.

The successful financial manager has spent her adult life building a career and neglecting her personal life. Problem is, she doesn’t believe in marriage. Not after watching her mother be treated like garbage by her father. Nope, marriage is not for her. All she wants is a baby. All she needs is a man to agree to her terms.

Dane Wylder, recently retired NFL tight end and future Hall of Famer, wants a baby.

Naturally, marriage is off the table. He’s not the marrying type. Women are great––as long as they’re trying to get into his bed and not his heart. But after years of living only for himself, he’s ready to be a father. 

Sparks fly when a successful financial manager and a legendary football player enter into a legal agreement to have a kid together. They planned on everything––they just didn’t plan on each other.

This book was fantastic.

Stella Donovan has a problem.She is 33-year old financial manager and her biological clock is ticking.She wants a baby .The biggest problem is that she doesn't want marriage,just a men who is going to baby's father.So she phones couple of her friends and one of them has a perfect mach for her.Stella is willing to meet that friend and give him a try.

Dane Wylder is retired football player.After years of living quick,busy and no-family time life he is ready for something else.He wants to be a father.But no love for him.He doesn't believe in that,he saw what love did to his father and he doesn't want it.Dane admits his feelings to his friend and he has a mach for him.

When this two meet each other it doesn't go well.Stella is to serious and workaholic and she never had a fun time.On the other hand Dane is chatty,charismatic,fun and carefree.
He expects from her to fall on her knees for him,like the rest of the women and she just doesn't understand all that fuss about him.But they both want a baby so they come to agreement.

This book was such a fun and slow burn for me.The romance was build so good.Stella and Dane are so completely different form each other but somehow they are exactly what the other one needs.Together they discover that love is not a bad thing and that there is more to life than what they were doing.
I was burning with anticipation for their first kiss and for them to admit their feelings.This book was so good and I had so much fun reading it.I love it.Stella's inner monologues were so hilarious and Dane was,like every men so proud of himself.
The other characters were also good and i hope we see them again.

I recommend this book to everyone,you will be surprised with how many feelings is waiting you inside


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