Bold by Jennifer Michael|ARC Review


Jennifer Michael
Publication Date: January 17, 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Are you living your life to the fullest?
Do you have regrets?
Noah Mackenzie knows what abandonment feels like, but she’s the girl who dreams big.
Nothing will stand in her way.
Her new world is exciting, and exploring it is the adventure she’s always wished for.
How far would you go for the people you love?
Do you protect the important things in your life with all you’ve got?
Brazen Hale is all heart.
Hard work has gotten him to where he is today, and loyalty runs deep within him.
He’s the perfect catch, but of course, there’s an obstacle for these two . . .
The timing for Noah and Brazen is all wrong.
She’s a temptation that he must find a way to resist.
Will circumstance stand in the way of love, or will these two boldly find their way into one another’s hearts?
I want her like I want my next breath

I have very mixed fellings about this book.
This is the first book by this author that i am reading and honstly i didn't know what to expect.
Overall i liked this book.It was very steamy and good read.Noah and Brazen were very likeable characters.They were both very nice and I really enjoyd reading about them.What i liked the most about this book is that the main heroin wasn't like evry other orphand girl.She was very young but very eager to live and explore life.And she found someone who undestood and suported her.On the other hand,while reading this book I somehow felt like there was something missing.Like the book was rushed and i couldn't connect with main heroes.Things were hapening really fast.We met other people but they were pushed aside.
We didin't get to know them.
But at the end this was not a bad read I just wish that we got to know a bit more about other charcters and their stories.


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